Do Relocated Mice Survive

Do relocated mice survive? (no, they perish out of their usual territory)

The experts do not suggest mice relocation, this is because they cannot survive in the wild without shelter, source of food and all the risks that they will encounter to live. However, the experts know if they can still survive in the wild if they can digest their natural diet. This is in the hands of the rehabber; they must be the one to know if the mice can still live out there or not.  Choosing a release site is also important, the location must be safe for them and there are also release programs for the harvest mice, they are relocated to a secluded and safe place. Here is a good resource on how to get rid of mice.

The time of release must also be conforming to their lifestyle if they are nocturnal like mice, they must be released at night time, but be sure that the weather is fine.  The kind of release must also be conforming to their condition. The mice are a small rodent that you cannot just release in the wild. They are small prey to predators and they will just be eaten by them in the wild. This is the reason why removers use lethal traps to kill them after catching them, because there is no way that they can survive in the wild. It is also essential to check on some burrows for them to have a safe place to hide if the predator comes.

The mice are hardy creatures that are nesting nearby the terrains. They can also live in the forests and grasslands. They usually live under the burrows if they are in the wild. The burrows help them feel secure from the predators. Their predators may be cats, foxes, stray dogs and birds. They are nocturnal and they sleep in daytime. This is the reason why you often hear them munching and scratching at night time. The domestic mice are often friendly to humans and they can also be a good pet for older kids, however, it is not advisable, since they can bring a lot of diseases. Mice are territorial rodents and even if they are in a house in the suburb, they want to have a big place that they can call their own. They do this by urinating in the place where they nest or by leaving their feces.

Their natural diet includes fruits, seeds and grains, they are normally omnivores and that means they eat both plants and meat, because the house mice will eat almost anything, it finds, especially if the food is not enough to sustain their needs. If that will happen, they will eat each other and that is not impossible if their numbers grow in an uncontrolled manner. They eat more than twenty times a day, so leaving them into a place without enough food will mean death for them.

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