Biology of Black Rat

The black rat is a native of the Indian sub-continent, it has spread in various parts of the globe these days. It is now widespread in the forest and in the wooded areas as well, but they can now live in buildings and in houses where humans also live. It will feed on and will cause damage to your home structure. These beings are also known to be catastrophic declines of the birds on some islands. It may also cause damage to the root crops and plants as well especially the seeds. It is very supple and it is typically seen on the top of the tress looking for food and lives in the cavities of the trees, it is also seen in some piles of leaves as well as piles of twigs.


The black rat has big ears without hairs, they may be gray and brown in color on the back with a creamish white on the belly, but at times they are black in color all over the body. The colored tail is quite longer than the head and the body length mixed. It is the body weight that is typically between 120-160g. However, it can go beyond 200g.  These creatures have a bigger muzzle. It is quite small, but slender than the brown ones. Their ears are quite long, the tail is quite naked, but typically longer than the body and the head. The female has ten treats. The fur is also glossy, but not thick and solid. The color also varied.  The black rats are quite nocturnal and they are best in climbing and they can nest even on the trees and just underneath the caves.


They are also social animals that live in the groups containing of an overriding male and some few mature ladies with their young, their territorial thus defending the group in contradiction of other sets. Just after gestation, which will go for more than twenty-one days, the female will give birth to more than seven younger. Just under the favorable conditions the breeding is not seasonal and the female might have more than 3-5 litters yearly. In the wild, the longevity of their life has been more than a year or less.  The black rats are also known as omnivores even if they plant some materials that accounts for the greater part of these creature’s diet. More so, the fruit, the grains and the shoots may also feed on the invertebrates and occasionally small vertebrates or meat.  They mostly live in the suburbs and they can live in your roof, wall cavity, trees, scrapes and even burrows around the farms. The black rats are quite closely linked with the humans, typically in the urban places and they are very good at climbing.

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